Ginger Made: Grainline Studio Moss Mini Skirt!

GUYS.  Someone please check my vitals because I think I’m ill… I’m having fun sewing wardrobe basics!  What?!  I realized during Me-Made-May that I didn’t have a single skirt that I wanted to wear– not one!  I downloaded this pattern the day it was released, but kept setting it aside in favor of shinier projects.  I’m so glad I finally made it!

It’s a well-known fact that I have a red-hot girl crush on Jen from Grainline Studio (EEEEEK, have you SEEN her new Lakeside Pajamas pattern?), and this pattern, the Moss Mini Skirt, just adds fuel to the fire!  I love, love, LOVE this skirt!  It’s semi-fitted, casual, and ultra wearable– everything I need and want in a skirt!

I used organic twill from Mood Fabrics, the same type (but a different colorway) that I used for my sister’s Kelly skirt.  I love this twill– it’s just the right weight for skirts.  I bought this fabric months ago, planning to make a jacket, but you’ve gotta live in the moment, right?  CARPE DIEM AND CLEAR OUT THOSE STASHES, SEWISTS!

This was my first time putting in a zipper fly, so I was a little nervous, but Jen’s photo tutorial is really helpful if you’re a scaredy-cat (or you’re super brave, but you just want more visuals).  To close the skirt, I used a jeans button from Taylor Tailor and I LOVE how it looks.  It’s just so professional-looking!  Taylor’s tutorial for inserting rivets (same process as jeans buttons) is great, too.  I followed his advice and added two extra layers of twill between my button halves, so it’s nice and stable.  I should have finished the edges of the center front seam before installing the fly, but since I didn’t, I ended up with a portion of the raw edges visible.  I ironed a little square of very lightweight interfacing on top of the raw edges to seal them in.

I made a muslin, but the skirt fit quite well without any alterations.  The yoke in the back makes for a really nice fit and looks very RTW.  The only change I made was to shorten the hem band, and thus, the skirt, by 2″.

And look!  I finished it off with a pug!  My sister had these labels printed for me… aren’t they cute?

I’m really excited to have a new skirt in my wardrobe!  I can see myself wearing this basically ’round the clock.

What is your favorite skirt or skirt pattern?  And what are you working on right now?

What is happening with my face here?

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  1. I just started making basics, too. It’s addictive. After watching everyone do MMM, I told myself I’d sew stuff I didn’t own already. Once it starts getting cooler, I’m sewing some basic cardigans! What have I become?? 🙂


    • Right?! Who am I?! I’m trying to alternate fun/glamorous makes with practical/everyday ones (and squeeze in some sewing for others, too). Not sure I’ve got the balance right, but I’m trying!


  2. Having fun sewing basics? That’s a good phase to be in- think I’m going to enter that myself, I’ve got a lot of Renfrews to make! 🙂 this looks sweet and simple even though the fly can’t have been easy. You make it look effortless! Awesome!


  3. Love the colour, and the contrast serger stitching. I no what you mean with the last photo, whenever I edit my blog photos I always find a few where I go ” And I’m doing what exactly…”


    • The contrast serger stitching makes me ridiculously happy! I bought that thread to match a project about 5 sews ago, but have left it in because it’s my current favorite color!

      I never realized how many doofy facial expressions I make until I started blogging! It’s shocking really!


  4. That skirt is super fun! The lenght is great too. I’m planning on a Beignet nfor my next skirt. But you’re totally right about the shiny projects though. I still haven’t finished some curtains, because… well, it’s boring!


  5. You know what? Now that I think about it, I don’t own very many skirts that are above the knee. I don’t know why either. Have they gone “out of fashion?” If so, you’re bringing them back. Thanks for introducing me to Taylor’s blog. I always like finding a new site to browse!


  6. Epic work 😀 This looks like such a wardrobe mainstay and after four days off sewing a new work wardrobe I am totally understanding the appeal of making basics!


  7. I LOVE it! This skirt has been on my sewing list for ages, but I just haven’t gotten around to making it…and sewing has taken a back burner to other aspects of my life the past couple of months. But I absolutely HAVE to make time for this while it’s still summer. This looks fabulous on you, and I love the fabric and button that you picked.


    • I totally recommend it– if you only have time to make a couple of garments, this should be one of ’em. It goes with so many kinds of tops, and it’s really, really easy to wear and style.


  8. love love your skirt and the new hairdo …
    i’m thinking about making the skirt in a denim polkadot, i was wondering if you can tell me if 1 yard of a 59″ width fabric would be enough for the skirt (I’m a size 2) … thanks very much!!!


  9. I love your skirt! I loved it so much, I went over to Grainline Studios and bought the pattern. I’m also trying to sew more basics too. This would be a great addition! 🙂 I love your blog!


  10. I’m like you in the happy sewing basics! It’s crazy isn’t it? All of a sudden you realise you haven’t made yourself any dresses for ages! But your last makes have been wonderfully practical & stylish makes. They will get worn loads – & you know it! This skirt looks a great colour & what a nice fit too.


  11. Oh, I love it! I find basics so rewarding to sew – it’s fun to make something truly useful that will be worn to death. I love your labels too.


    • It really is! My impulse is always to make an orange maxi dress or something like that, which is so fun and awesome, but will get worn maybe twice a year. It’s pretty cool to make stuff you can wear every day!


  12. Hehe, well I personally love making basics! I love knowing that I’ll be able to wear them straight away, as opposed to something with sparkles, bows and pouf 🙂

    Your skirt looks lovely and so functional for the summer. Love it 🙂


    • Seriously– I don’t have enough occasions to wear all the party dresses I’ve made! There’s definitely something to be said for devoting more time and energy to wearables.


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