Patternmaking for Menswear Giveaway Winner!

Hi, guys!  I’m a little slow posting this, but I hope you’ll forgive me when I offer you this token by way of apology:

To be perfectly clear, this little fella is included in the book so you can photocopy him and sketch garment ideas to your heart’s content and DEFINITELY not so you can make paper dolls of your favorite boy toys and dress them in every outfit you’ve ever wanted to put them in!  So don’t even THINK about making paper dolls with little tushies!

I was so pumped up to see how many selfless seamstresses want to make garments for the men in their lives!  I was even more pumped up to see comments from male sewists (bro-ists, if you will) who are looking for more options for their own wardrobes.  Sew on, bros and kind ladies!  I wish I could give a copy of the book to everyone!

Alright, after duplicate comments and comments from folks who weren’t entering, I counted 76 entries, so without further ado, the winner is:


… saro!  Why, you clever minx– you’re sneaking a little selfish sewing into this party!  No judgment here– the pea coat sounds scrumptious!  Send me an email with your address and we’ll get this shipped out!

Alright, guys, don’t be sore losers– here’s a little consolation prize for you, from the pages of Patternmaking for Menswear:

Man candy that delicious just CAN’T be nutritious, can it?  Don’t say I never gave you anything!  😉

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    • It’s Hunk City, U.S.A. up in here! 😉 That jumpsuit is seriously hilarious– I guess it answers the question of what you’re supposed to do when you’ve had a big meal and need a little more room to breathe!


  1. Congrats, Saro!

    Sweet giveaway, Ginger! I decided to opt out because my hubby’s already told me not to bother sewing clothes for him, ever. He is WAY too picky about how he likes his clothes to fit. But it looks like a great book.


    • It’s a super cool book! Have you tried your hand at patternmaking before? It’s pretty fun to do. Maybe you should get the regular Patternmaking book and try your hand at some ladies’ wear!

      My husband is super picky, too, and also has a really hard time seeing past the photos or illustrations (so, for example, he won’t like a shirt pattern if the guy in the photo has a “dumb” haircut). He’s going to be away for a week soon, so I’m thinking of taking that time to work on a buttondown for him, but I’m really nervous that it won’t be perfect enough for him!


  2. Maybe that tushie isn’t in the book for man paper dolls, but no one said anything about TRACING HIM DIRECTLY OFF THE COMPUTER SCREEN. Heh heh heh! Paper doll boy toys, all day erryday!


    • You’ve found a loophole! I know it’s insane, but I kind of want paper dolls of myself and the dude… and also the pugs. Imagine the outfits! Matching Christmas sweaters! Tuxedos! Basically, every family outfit scenario that no one would agree to in real life in paper form! Where do I sign up for this?


  3. I’m wondering what has prompted the guy with the funky socks and puffed up letterman jacket to pull such a, er…attractive face? I think I’d rather have the paper doll!


  4. Hi Ginger Makes
    Just seen your post about my book
    Thank for your complementary review and your cheek whit
    Hope you have fun using it


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