2013 Handmade Ornament Exchange: Silver Bells Wreath DIY!

Hi, guys!  I’m so excited to be participating in the True Bias 2013 Handmade Ornament Exchange!  I had a blast making and sending my little holly jolly pug ornaments last year, so I was thrilled to participate again this year!  There’s just something so sweet about handmade ornaments.  I’m one of nine bloggers making and swapping ornaments with each other– be sure to check out everyone else’s ornament tutorials!

This year, my inspiration was the song “Silver Bells”.  I hear it everywhere I go during Christmastime in the city, so it’s the song I most associate with NYC Christmas.  Also, I just love the sound of little jingle bells– it makes me feel like a little kid!  You barely need a tutorial– these are so easy– but here’s one anyway!

You will need:

  • cardboard (I used a cereal box, but you could go with slightly thicker cardboard, too)
  • ribbon (1/4″ or so worked for me, and I used ribbon with wired edges, which has a bit more grip) for the wreath and a small amount of contrasting ribbon for the hanger
  • jingle bells (sold in packages at craft stores)
  • needle & thread OR thin floral wire
  • tape

Trace a circle onto your cardboard (I used a coffee mug, which gave me a circle about 3.5″/9cm in diameter).

Trace a smaller circle in the center of this one, approximately 1″/2.5 cm (I used a spool of thread).

Cut out your cardboard circle and wrap it with ribbon, first securing the end with tape.  Once you’ve finished, secure the ribbon tail with a few stitches with your needle and thread.

Add a ribbon loop for a hanger– cut a piece of contrasting ribbon approximately 8-9″/20-23 cm and sew it onto the ornament, stitching through the ribbon and the cardboard to hold it on tightly.

Now it’s time to add some bells!  I used a needle and thread to stitch them onto the ribbon, weaving the thread underneath the ribbon so it’s almost invisible.  You could also use the floral wire for this– it works just fine!

Keep filling in the spaces with bells until your wreath looks really full and pretty!  For the wreath on the left, I used bells that are all one size, but the plaid wreath is a mix of two sizes.

Admire your handiwork!  I get a little thrill every time I hear the bells chime (usually when I’m knocking stuff off the tree in a sad attempt at watering it), and I love the way the lights reflect off the bells.

Are you guys making any ornaments this year?  What are your favorite handmade ornaments?

36 responses

  1. So cute! I do love making handmade ornaments, but I just haven’t had time to this year. I’m definitely pinning this tutorial for later, though–thanks for sharing!


  2. Cute, cute, cute!! I’m so disappointed I missed out on the ornament exchange – is it bad that I’m looking forward to next year already so I can participate??? This will make a great little project for mini-sewer – thanks for sharing!!


  3. These are great! I would totally make some of these for my tree if I had, um, actually got around to buying one. Um, yeah… But I am going to email this to my sister, she’ll be all over these!


    • There just aren’t enough hours in the day! I got the tree up and the ornaments made, but no time for any handmade gifts or a Christmas dress! Maybe next year (I feel like I keep saying that!).


  4. So so cute! I love your Pug ornament from last year too! The ornament exchange is such a great idea, I really enjoyed receiving special little packages from new friends! Did you make more of these for friends and family?


  5. CUTE! I love bells. I love plaid. What a great idea.
    And I have to say I thought your blazer/ tux was INCREDIBLE. So incredibly professional & a great fit – it blew me away. Sorry I have commented in the wrong place 😉
    And hope you have an amazing Christmas 🙂


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