Review + Giveaway: Fashionary Sketchbook + Tape Measure!

Hi, guys! I have a fun giveaway for you today, hooray!  Vikki from Fashionary contacted me to see if I would like to do a review and giveaway of the Fashionary Sketchbook, and you know I don’t like to turn down an opportunity to give away stuff on this blog!*  Vikki asked if I wanted to give away the classic women’s sketchbook, or the “Tiger Mania”. Um…


Please don’t laugh at my terrible sketches… or my stubby baby fingers… or my disgusting iron burn…

If you haven’t seen it before, the Fashionary Sketchbook is really cool. It was designed to make fashion sketching easier and quicker by printing the pages with faint outlines of models. You can trace/draw/paint over the outlines as you feel inspired! This is great for me- although I’ve always been into fine art, I’ve always been terrible at drawing, so this book helps my little sewing idea sketches look better. Also, I tend to doodle ideas on scraps of paper whenever inspiration strikes, but then I have weird loose papers stuffed into notebooks. This is a much more organized approach! I’ve been wanting to try one of these for a long time, so I’m grateful for the opportunity to test one!

The Fashionary also has a dictionary of fashion terms, tons of little drawings of different design details, and even a chart that tells you what the care symbols on RTW garment labels means! Those have always mystified me… so I choose to believe that they all say “Wash in one giant load on hot, dry everything together, and leave in the laundry basket for at least a week before folding”.

Vikki also sent me their tape measure to review. It’s a tape measure marked on one side with standard measurements for a woman’s size 38, and on the other for a men’s 48. It’s meant to aid you when you’re patternmaking or draping without a live model or a mannequin handy. This would be nice for a fashion student, but probably not very useful for most home sewers.  It’s interesting to look at, though, and might be fun for those of you who are into patternmaking.

I’m not really into sewing with a plan (well, I make plans, but they generally derail), but I’m enjoying jotting down garment ideas in my Fashionary. It feels more flexible than lists of garments, and it’s nice when you see something that you like and want to get it on paper before you forget it (I’m recently obsessed with a crisp striped shirt I saw on a chic elderly Manhattanite… it looked AWESOME and I wanted one just like it the moment I saw it).  So I’m looking forward to using this to collect my sewing ideas in one place.

I’m basically just typing in the word “crotch” here so I can disappoint a few perverts… or maybe hook them on the joy of sewing?

OK, if you wanna win your own TIGER MANIA (OMG, I LOVE IT!) Fashionary, let me know in a comment below! I’ll close the comments at noon EST on Friday 6/6 and pick a winner at random soon after. I’m happy to ship internationally, but I’ll probably send it the slowest/cheapest way. OK, do you use any kind of sketchbook? Do you like to plan your sewing in advance? How do you organize your ideas?

*NOTE: Actually, I do turn down giveaway offers. I love being able to give away free stuff to you guys, but I also want to make sure that they’re responsible products and things that my readers would be interested in (sometimes I get approached by sketchy RTW clothing companies or people with books that have nothing to do with garment sewing… that’s just not what we’re about over here).

135 responses

  1. The sketchbook looks terrific! I would like to take part for sure. I do plan my sewing projects and at quiet times I like to sit and sketch my own designs now and again.


  2. I’ve seen a lot of reviews of this sketchbook, it looks great. I draw all mine in a sketchbook, but just make rough drawings with notes all around them. This would make everything more organised and clear. It is useful to come back to these sketches after making them too and make some notes about changes you made etc. It makes things a lot easier when you want to make something similar in he future (if I don’t write things down I forget them!!)


  3. ooh what a great giveaway! i am completely awful at drawing people but have so many ideas for clothes that need to be documented somewhere, so this would be perfect for me! thank you 🙂


  4. What a cool idea! I would probably annoy my family, though, calling it Tiger MAAAA–NEEEE–YAH!!! all the time. But jeez, they can deal with a little enthusiasm, right?


  5. Ooh, I’ve been wanting to try one of these forever! Currently all my projects and inspiration are laid out on a giant spreadsheet – nerdy and not very visually appealing!


  6. Running round after 2 little girls, my sewing times are little bits snatched here and there. This sketchbook would be great for organising my ideas together. Thanks for the chance.


  7. I use an artist sketchbook to document my sewing ideas and inspiration. I have been eyeing the fashionary sketchbooks for a while now


  8. I would love to win these because as a fashion student these are two of the most important tools any designer/dressmaker could have ever!!

    I organise all ideas and plan my sewing projects in an normal A4 cartridge paper sketchbook. I normally organize my ideas using sketches, swatches, bullet points and images as well as scribbly little notes haha.
    I like to plan my sewing in advance so i know exactly what i am doing, how long it will take and what i will need. This allows me to create a better outcome!

    Who wouldn’t want to win this?!


  9. This looks like just what I need – I’m like you and have random bits of paper with ideas all over the place so it would be good to have a nice book for them instead! Thanks to you and Vikki for the giveaway!


  10. I’ve been eyeing these off for awhile now. Have come to the conclusion that backs of old envelopes and my kids colouring books aren’t the best way to keep my sketches together!
    Do you know if they do one with just child outlines?
    Roar me in for a giveaway please!


  11. I’m not that organised but I’d like to start keeping note of pattern/fabric and alterations for each project!
    Thanks for a great giveaway!


  12. I’d love to win this sketchbook! I have done drawings of clothing ideas before but I’d always trace the croquis from something I found online so this is perfect! Lately I’ve been sewing based on what I wanted the most when I sat down and began that day. But I have several garments planned out in the queue for whenever I have time.


  13. Oh this is fantastic. I’d love to win this sketchbook. After I did very well in my fashion sketching course, I’d love to have a nice sketchbook in which to put my croquis in!
    And that measure tape is awesome and very helpful, it can aid in my pattern making.


  14. Haha love the crotch word in here 🙂 lets fool the pervs! You don’t have to count me in for the giveaway as I already have one and my drawings look waaay worse than yours! 🙂


  15. Ugh, SO BUMMED that I missed this giveaway because of my work hours! Boo! Well, congrats to the lucky winner!

    Also, your disgusting iron burn is in the same place as my rotary-cutter scar. Just do what my husband does, and call me Silky B.

    Silky B. Smoov, that is.


  16. Fashion Designing has been my passion ever since but due to some circumstances I wasn’t able to pursue it.But I never stopped sketching or drawing. I always pushed myself. Fashionary would be perfect for me ❤ I just love the convenience it gives since there are already barely figured models. ❤ I hope you choose me! 🙂

    love lots,

    Louise Nicole R. Dabu


  17. Ooh! I’ve recently started getting confident enough to draft patterns (based heavily off existing ones), and even better, I’m a woman’s 38! Sorry about your burn. In my barrista days I once let my left hand drift into the hot-water spout while keeping it flipped on with my right hand, and it took way too long for my monkey brain to realize this was all my fault and STOP. Burns are horrible.


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