Book Report: Casual Sweet Clothes (+ Giveaway!)

Hi, guys! It’s been kind of a gloomy week around here, with people noticeably feeling down and the weather cool and rainy. It feels much later than August, almost like fall has already arrived. I still have a bit of summer sewing queued up, but it feels kind of silly- how much wear will I get out of sundresses before the season changes? So I started thinking about fall sewing and remembered I have a book to show you!

Laurence King Publishing sent me a copy of Casual Sweet Clothes to review before its release on August 26th. It includes 18 patterns, and unlike some of the Japanese sewing books I’ve reviewed before, they’re mainly for separates. There are three dress patterns, but the rest are for tops, pants, shorts, skirts, and even jackets… 5 jackets! I think you guys know how I feel about jackets… love love love ’em!

Here’s the pattern that I was immediately smitten with, “flared jacket with raglan sleeves”. I love me a slouchy jacket, and this is just the ticket for early fall. I know this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I really like it. I can’t decide what kind of fabric I would use for this- what would you use? I definitely wouldn’t do army green. πŸ™‚

While this dress would look TERRIBLE on me, I like the idea of colorblocking in two neutral colors. I’ve not really been into the colorblocking thing, but this kind of sparks my interest.

Laurence King provided a copy to give away to a US reader, yay! So if you’d like to enter the giveaway, let me know in the comments below! I’ll pick a winner with a random number generator. Let’s close the giveaway a week from today, Wednesday, August 20th at 11P EST.

OK, what’s on your fall (or spring) sewing list? What are you most excited to sew and wear in the upcoming season?

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  1. I really dig that raincoat pattern. I think that might be the extent of my interest, with the exception of the hem on that drop shoulder dress; it captured my attention for completely different reasons.


  2. That round neck jacket with turned up sleeves is adorable! I have a jacket pattern in my sewing que for the winter, but SoCal winters are very mild and don’t start till like January. I want to try some workout clothes for the fall tho, and find a good legging pattern- any suggestions there? πŸ™‚


  3. I would love to win the book. Have some lovely polar fleece to make a new pullover. Also need to make a navy pencil skirt. Knitting a fabulous vest to wear with jeans and boots.


  4. Fantastic, I would love to win this book! Love the jersey top with cap sleeves. I live in San Francisco so I’m season-immune, unless you count “fog” as a season. As for sewing plans, I’ve snagged me my first office-type job (I’ve always worked in university labs) so I need to make myself an office-appropriate wardrobe. I’ve got a couple pairs of trousers on my to-do list but I’m nervous to dive in since I don’t have much experience and I’m dreading the fitting process!


  5. OMG love the jacket with flared sleeves. I moving from Hawaii back to Oregon so I am thinking about sewing jackets. I think I would make it out of a fine wale corduroy in fall colors but it would also be great in a lightweight wool. Yes I would like to win the book.
    thanks Janie


  6. That green jacket is fabulous – not in my skill set yet, but I definitely want to try my hand at outerwear eventually.

    My birthday was this week and my mom gave me 3 yards of a really nice army green/navy/cream small scale plaid, so I’m trying to decide what to do with it – Archer Buttonup or a Tova dress are my first thoughts.


  7. I love Autumn and although, like you am not quite ready for it I feel excited about sewing for it! On my sewing table will be an autumn taken on the kimono, a poncho/kimono…something I am creating as we speak! Also a matching knitted cowl and headband maybe! Exciting sewing ahead! Love your blog btw!
    Jen xoxo


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  9. For fall, some jackets and tops that actually fit! (I have high hopes for my initial sewing attempts)
    Would love to win a copy of this book!
    Thanks for the opportunity!


  10. The jersey top with cap sleeves looks like a wardrobe staple to me. The book looks fun and an opportunity to let fabric shine through. Thanks for the give-away!


  11. I would like to try some of these, especially that round-neck coat and the jersey top. I love the shift dress as well. These all look so elegant, but they’re not fussy. Very stylish!


  12. Such a cute book. Would love some simple shirts for my fall wardrobe and definitely a jacket too! Thanks for the giveaway. Fingers crossed 😄


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  14. Dude! I love these styles and lots of tops and jackets sound fabulous!!!
    I’m dithering on what to sew but the chill is already in the air so I’m thinking fall is the way I’ll go. I need to make some nicer jackets and some corduroy pants….


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