Autumn/Winter Daydreaming: Coats, Coats, and More Coats!

Hi, dudes! Hope your weekends are all off to a great start! I’ve been in a bit of a sewing pickle lately… it seems too late in the season to keep sewing summer clothes, but it’s been so hot lately that it’s not much fun sewing cool weather clothes! I’ve made a couple of fall pieces that I haven’t worn or photographed, but I’m just not feeling too inspired to sew more at the moment. So, what have I been doing instead, you ask? Daydreaming about coats!

I put together a quick list of what I wanted to make this fall and winter, and it turns out that all I want to make is coats! Off the top of my head, I came up with a list of six (SIX!!!) coats/jackets that I want to sew (only four were for me, but still). Shocking! I’m making a jacket for my mom and one for my sister, using Pauline Alice’s Ninot jacket pattern, but I really need to narrow down options for myself. [ETA: There’s a discount code for Pauline’s shop good until Sun 9/7 PM- use “1YEAR” for 20% off!!] So I thought it would be fun to have an old-fashioned pattern geek-out focused on outerwear! It’s a long post, but if you make it to the end, there’s a fun surprise! (Note: all photos are property of their respective pattern companies, and are used with permission).

Pauline Alice Ninot Jacket

I already have the Gerard coat pattern by République du Chiffon. Dudes, I love this style. It’s really, really (probably intentionally) similar to an Isabel Marant coat that I love so much that it makes me feel kind of weird and sweaty. (Sidebar: if I were rich and frivolous, Isabel Marant would take ALL my money. Good thing I can sew!) I’m not 100% sold on the dropped-shoulder look on me, but I still want to try this pattern. (If you’re not sold on this pattern yet, check out this version on the Made by 6 blog! If I ever saw her in real life in that jacket I would grab it and run!) Bonus: this pattern is in English, so if you’ve been wanting to try RDC but don’t speak French, here’s your chance!

République du Chiffon Gérard

Next up, the Yona Wrap Coat by Named. Setting aside the irritating premise of a “Native American-inspired” collection (it’s not like there’s a giant group of “Native Americans” with one singular history and culture, people!), I’m drawn to this coat. It’s similar to the Gerard coat, but has one of my favorite details, a raglan sleeve, plus a fun cocoon-y shape. I also really like the fabric they used in the sample. Stripes FTW!

Named Yona Wrap Coat

Here’s another pattern I found that’s super cute- the Malu Coat, by Schnittchen. I’ve never used one of their patterns, but I really like this look. I rarely like/use hoods (I prefer a stand-up collar and a hat), but this one just looks so cozy and sweet.

Schnittchen Malu Coat

Here’s a fun one! It’s a new Burda plus size pattern, Paneled Wrap Cardigan 9/2014 (but let’s be honest, it’s totally a coat). Check out the line drawing- this design is chock-full of delicious seamlines! Wouldn’t this look amazing in a soft gray wool with tons and tons of topstitching?

Burda Paneled Wrap Cardigan (Plus Size) 9/2014 #137

Alright, I’ll reluctantly leave my favorite territory, Slouchy Coat Land, and venture into more classic territory. Here’s a timeless coat, V8884. I’ve been wanting to try my hand at sewing a trench coat for the longest time, but I have a RTW one from my pre-sewing days and can’t really justify owning two trench coats. Someday when mine dies I’ll sew one up… wouldn’t it be fun to have one in a crazy color?

Vogue V8884

OK, I didn’t just pick this next one because it’s animal print… but that didn’t hurt. This is Vogue V1365, a double-breasted wrap coat. There’s something so glamorous about a coat like this- I’d pair it with a floppy felt hat and oversized glasses and let everyone (OK, no one) think I’m an undercover starlet!

Vogue V1365

Speaking of classics, it doesn’t get more classic than Burda’s Barbour jacket for fellas! I’m not sure I’m up to the task of stitching up a coat for Man Friend, but I loooooooooooooove a man in a Barbour, so maybe I should just go for it! I’ll definitely do it if I come across some nice waxed cotton in my travels. Gorgeous!

Burda Men’s Barbour Jacket 10/2010 #137

OK, so this one is an imaginary pattern, but I’m crossing my fingers that Jen from Grainline releases a pattern for her delicious toggle coat! Does it make me a stalker to admit that I already have fabric set aside for one of these? Please don’t take out a restraining order on me, Jen! I just want my own Paddington Bear coat!!! [ETA: Pattern coming for this coat in the fall!!!!!]

Grainline Studio Northwoods Toggle Coat

Alright, that brings us to the end of this parade ‘o’ coats, so here’s your surprise! When I wrote to Silke of Schnittchen fame for permission to use her photos, she offered to give away THREE Malu coat patterns to Ginger Makes readers! How sweet is that! They’re not even PDFs- they’re paper patterns- and shipping is included! So, if you’d like to be entered to win, click here and give me your name and email! I’ll close the giveaway on Friday, September 12th at noon EST and choose three winners at random shortly thereafter. Good luck!

OK, it’s question time! Did you find any of these looks inspiring? What are your favorite coat patterns? Do you like sewing outerwear? Any tips or plans for sewing coats or jackets? What’s on your sewing table?

172 responses

  1. I’m loving the Malu coat! I have the Vogue 8884 in my stash but have yet to make it. The last coat I made I gave away because I hated it. I’m kinda scared off of outerwear but these are all inspiring and let’s face it….winter is coming especially to Canada, so coats are necessary!


    • I’m guessing it would pay off to do a more thorough muslin when making a coat. I’ve not done this in the past- I’ve just whipped up quickies with regular muslin- but you don’t get a good feel for how the coat will really look when it’s done. The Malu coat looks like a pretty quick sew compared to most coats- give it a try! 🙂


  2. I just made the Johanna coat from Schnittchen. The instructions were a bit confusing & a couple things didn’t fit the way they were supposed to (I triple checked, looked for errata, but nope). Came out pretty nice though. Did you see that the coat has a collar version? There you go, hat girl.
    Who says you cannot have more than one trench coat? Maybe you should make one in a crazy pattern, and another in a crazy colour. I like the sewaholic pattern too. One of these day, I’ll make one. 🙂


    • Ahhh, that’s good to know- if I decide to go with a Schnittchen pattern I’ll be sure to go over things very carefully before cutting. The Sewaholic pattern is really, really beautiful! I don’t usually choose her patterns because I’m sort of the opposite of a pear (thicker through the waist, narrow through the hips) and I have to go crazy with grading, but it might be worth it for that lovely trench!


  3. Ooh, I’m super excited about the Grainline Studio toggle coat! I am relatively new to sewing and so I have been sticking with the indie designers that I am comfortable with, that give lots of instructions and sewalong tutorials. Eventually I’ll venture into some of the other popular brands, but if Jen keeps coming out with awesome patterns then I have no reason to!


  4. I think I have three of these in my queue already! I also want to make he Sewaholic Minoru and Robson. I made myself a scaled down Albion Coat last year and it was so fun to make, I love sewing outerwear. I recently also bought some interesting coated wool from Alexander Wang from Mood that is destined to be a Burda Desert Moto Jacket. Looks like I have too many coats, not enough time.


  5. I too have been daydreaming about sewing up winter coats! But maybe that’s because, unlike you, it’s something I’m yet to achieve as I’m definitely still a newbie! I’m also much more of a slouchy coat style – I love the idea of dressy elegant coats but when it comes to day to day I just want to be warm and snug, so slouchy it is! The Malu coat looks perfect for this…


    • The Malu looks like a pretty simple sew- I bet it would be good for a first coat! My first foray into outerwear was the Colette Anise jacket, which was nice because the instructions are so detailed. My second was the Style Arc Romy Anorak, and that was much more difficult as the instructions are, well, NOT detailed!


  6. Oh I love the hood of the Malu Coat. I’ve order the Yona Wrap Coat which I think I might put a zip in the front rather than a tie. I haven’t venues into coats yet but I really want to – I’ve got a beautiful Marfy coat pattern, the Jamie Christina Abbey Coat and purchased Kenneth D King’s Craftsy Class to get some tips and tricks from the expert. Oh, I did make the Albion Coat from Colette patterns for my some just a few weeks ago, yet to be blogged.


    • It’s a good idea to swap the tie for a zipper- that will be much warmer (plus you don’t run the risk of losing the tie!). I didn’t know Kenneth King had a coat class, but I’ll definitely be looking that up! I really like him!


  7. I am on the opposite side of the seasons to you but am still making warm winter-ish clothes, which as it was 20 degrees c (68F) today does seem a tad redic, BUT i ain’t finished sewing all the winter lovelies yet. Currently making burda square cardigan ( in some delightfully awesome thick as wool. I recently bought the Named Andy coat, I would buy Jens duffle in a flash but i also love the Malu coat. Would love to win a copy, and if i don’,t it will have to go on my heart list (so long i need to write one of those 1000 patterns you need to sew before you die thingys).
    Bah-bye x


  8. You have some wonderful choices … an entire winter wardrobe could be built around a good coat. I personally love the Gerard. It’s interesting with an edge. I’m so curious to see your final choice!


  9. I’ve been looking for a coat pattern as well… I really want to make the Ziggy biker jacket by Style Arc this fall, it’s just a little bit intimidating 😀 But the Malu coat has caught my eye as well, so cozy and relaxed!


  10. Love this post! I’m in the same pickle as you of wanting to sew fall/winter items, but it still being so bloody hot outside! I’m really hoping to make the Lady Grey coat this year, though – it’s been in my stash long enough.


  11. Oh my gosh, you’ve got so many good ones up here! Super happy that you blog stalked Jen & got an eta for that pattern so I didn’t have to. 😉 I’m so looking forward to that one!!! I’m with you and love the Gerard as well, but must admit I’m weirdly intimidated by it. The instructions, while in English, are also a bit, er, limited. Guess I’d better just jump in and see what happens! So looking forward to your upcoming parade of lovely, wooly coat goodness.


  12. Omg grainline is releasing her coat pattern!??!! You need to make is, ned of discussion. And the barbour jacket for manfriend, of course


  13. Ah! Love your selection! I am really looking forward to Jen’s pattern as well! And I dream of being able to sew up a few coats coats inbetween. There is a Burda pattern that is similar to the Gerard coat, really into that oversized cozy shape! ( ), and I’m about to muslin for a biker jacket that I’m meaning to sew up in a delicious red woven wooly fabric! AND there is another nice coat pattern from a german indie sewing magazine which I really like ( ). Is there something like anonymous coat sewing addicts? 😀


  14. The toggle coat reminds me of the Albion from Colette Patterns. I also have the Lady Grey pattern – I bought the fabric over six months ago but I have a few modifications I want to make to the style


  15. That Malu coat looks awesome. I have an extensive store-bought coat collection in all colors (yellow, blue, green, purple…and more!) but I’ve only made a simple coat in sweatshirt fleece.


  16. I have V8884 and really want to make it! But I’m like you and have a few other coats/jackets I also want to make AND I already have a trench coat. We seriously need more time in the day. I’m actually considering going with the grey in the pattern photo, but who knows… I also almost bought V1365 because of its glamorous possibilities. One day?


  17. within your selection I just loved loved loved Malu coat and Gerard. Guess I appreciate big coats.

    I actually never sewed outerwear, a bit afraid of it and also I haven’t bought any patterns, out of indecision….
    Down in south america we’re already feeling warm weathers of spring, which is as hot as summer, and I have a cropped top and a skirt on my table.
    next a dress.
    well, you asked. ;P


  18. I made a Vogue coat earlier in the year and I love it, I fully fleece underlined it so it is super cosy! I have just finished the Robson trench which I will blog as soon as I have taken pics. Now that I have altered the hip width (too big) it is perfect 🙂

    I love a good coat and that Malu coat is awesome!! Please enter me in the draw!!


  19. Such a great selection of coats. You’re definitely inspiring me to brave making a coat this autumn. I too have the Gerard pattern, I just love it but haven’t found the right fabric yet. The Malu is gorgeous, cosy, comfy and running around after small kids friendly! Looking forward to seeing what you decide to go with.


  20. I have looooved Jen’s Northwoods coat every since I saw it, I’m so so so excited that’s going to be a pattern!!!! I also am pretty head over heels for Gerard and Malu. Love me some slightly mannish coats.


  21. I get so excited about coat patterns, too! Even if I have little need for them. (I have two left, and they got worn for one week last year.) I vote (are we voting?) for the Republique coat… so chic! It’s also the kind of coat that probably wouldn’t need muslining because it’s so loose.


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