Hi, I’m Sonja*!  I like to make stuff!  I live in New York City with my husband (here known as Man Friend) and our snuggly pugs, Doug and Peggy.  I work in film & television, and I love pink geraniums, dogs, Girl Scout cookies, hoarding fabric, and overusing exclamation points!

*Ginger is my nickname, in case you were wondering! I started this blog under a pseudonym in the hopes that my many male coworkers wouldn’t sniff if out and mock me mercilessly, but they’re really good at Googling and found it anyway (hi, guys!).

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  1. Hi Ginger, thanks for your visit on my blog!
    I hope you are taking full advantage of your visit in Paris! You also have to visit “l’entrée des fourisseurs” 8 rue des francbourgeois in the 3rd district
    if you go to Montmartre, lot of fabrics are 50% less (SALES SALES SAAAAAAAAAAALES!!!)
    My scooter will probably take me there one or two times this week^^


  2. Hi Ginger,

    My name is Maddie and I just wanted to say how much I admire your blog. I am a technical designer living in Philadelphia (with no man friend) and love that you love sewing and knitting as much as me. Keep up the good work girl. I have bookmarked you site so I’ll be back.

    Sincerely Always,


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  4. Hey there! I was trying to email you, but couldn’t find it. Anywho, yeah, I work in the low down and dirty business of reality, haha. Mostly just associate producer, research, notes, hotsheets, etc. Trying to get into post now. I don’t know many production folks in NY, mostly just LA. How about you?
    So glad to see another sewist that understands the rigors of production, i.e.-no time! Really enjoying your blog, too-love your style!!


  5. Hey Ginger, First of all you are adorable and so is your blog. I was hoping I could get a little advice. I know that you live in Astoria and was wondering what you think about it? We are moving to the city with our 2 year old and were looking mostly at Brooklyn, but noticed that Astoria is much more affordable. How do you think it compares?

    Also, I want to go fabric shopping with you once we get there!


  6. Hey Ginger, I just found your blog last week and wanted to tell you that it’s AWESOME. I am 28 and have, for some reason, become obsessed with sewing this last month. I am taking some lesssons next month in order to brush up my skills and learn some new ones. Anyways, just wanted to thank you for your inspiring work on this blog.


  7. Hello! I’ve relatively recently re-taken up sewing and I’ve been looking for some sort of “in person” network – I live around the corner in Sunnyside, Queens and thought maybe you might have some local ideas??


    • Hi, Andrea! I don’t know a Queens-based sewing group (although there are sometimes events at Sew Right in Bayside) but there’s a friendly group of sewers in the NYC area that meet up from time to time. Send me an email and I’ll try to remember to forward you the info next time there’s an event!


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  9. Just started following your blog. I enjoy your sewing skills, but I particularly admire your knitting. Love the gray sweater with all the cables that you wore to usher in Spring.


  10. Hi Ginger, I just discovered your blog through Maddie’s, and I am glad I did!
    I always admire the sewing skills of other girls, I re-discovered sewing a few months ago and I am really enjoying, so seeing other sewing aficionadas gives me that extra push to continue doing what I like!


  11. Found my way over here after hearing your interview on Thread Cult Podcast! I loved hearing your story and also really admire your Hellgate Fabrics shop. I love Japanese fabric, and am very glad to know where to go for them now!


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