Oh, hey, hi!  What’s that you say?  You thought I was dead?  Luckily I’m back from the dead with lots and lots of finished projects to amaze and stun you with!  Wait, no… I’ve just been absent for ages and have finished exactly zero projects in that time.  😦

Friends, I’m experiencing a bit of overload at the moment.  I’m a “yes” person and I LOVE to try new things (I suspect many of you guys may fall into this category as well).  I usually don’t know my own limits until I hit them… and then I often try to pile just a few more things onto my heavily-laden schedule until I wake up one morning exhausted, stressed, and feeling way guilty that I’m not killin’ it in every area of my life.  Here’s a quick recipe for burnout, Ginger-style:

  • work your normal minimum-of-60-hrs/week job
  • start lots of sewing/knitting/organizing/apartment projects with no real time free to finish them (or space to store them before they’re finished)
  • sign up for a writing class with lots of homework and out-of-class observation… that meets at 9am on Saturdays
  • make sure your weekend is jammed with activities (dinner with friends, church, museum outing on jam-packed last day of special exhibit, visiting friend from out of town)
  • foster a rescue dog that, while adorable, is totally un-housebroken, un-trained, and terrified of people even though this means getting up way earlier and staying up way later than you normally do since he needs to be walked like 5 freakin’ hours a day (poor Doug the Pug has to retire early on these walks… there’s no way he’d be able to walk that much in a day!)
  • cry for hours when aforementioned rescue dog moves on to his new home
  • pretend like you’re totally managing all these things and you don’t over-commit at ALL
  • panic because you haven’t had any time to start on your homework
  • give up and cry some more

I'm sorry I pooped on your laptop. Luckily I'm cute enough that you'll forgive me instantly and mourn me when I'm gone.

If you follow my instructions carefully, you just might wake up crabbier than you can remember being in ages and feeling like somebody hard-boiled your eyes overnight!  Hooray! I can’t even feel sorry for myself because ALL of this is entirely my fault!

Do you guys struggle to balance your time/interests/budget/lives?  Do you find that you have more interests than you have time for?  What tips do you have for managing your busy schedules or reducing the number of things you’re involved in?

Sigh.  Thanks for reading my boring, off-topic rant.  Hopefully I’ll be back soon with some FINISHED projects to show you!  How are you guys doing?  Any fun projects in the works?  I would probably know the answers to these things if I had time to attack my seriously-backed-up blogroll (I’m really looking forward to catching up with your universes when I get some free time!).