Odds & Ends + Pattern Geek-Out: Deer & Doe Spring-Summer ’13!

Hi, guys! I’ve been a bad, bad blogger. I’ve been crazy busy and feeling really overwhelmed by the thought of sitting down to post. But things are returning to normal and I’m excited to get back to more regular posting! Here are some quick bullet points to catch you up on what’s been going on chez Ginger:

There’s an “M” on his forehead (“m” for “mine, all mine”!). I will definitely be abducting him in the near future.  Sorry, Devra!

  • I did some top-secret pattern testing (another reason for silence on the blog)!  You guys.  You’re going to love this pattern.  I’m just sayin’.  GET EXCITED.
  • I broke down and ordered a walking foot last week.  I’m suuuuuuuper excited to make a plaid Archer shirt, and if that minimizes the cursing, sweating, and crying that I’ll probably be doing as I try to match plaids, that’s gotta be a good thing, right?  Anxiously waiting for its arrival as we speak!
  • On that note, I’m way stoked for the Archer shirt sewalong!  My new office job gives me normal-ish hours, so I *should* actually have the time in the evenings to keep up with this sewalong [sobs of joy]!
  •  And today my mug is over on True Bias as part of her new series, Tried and True!  You guys know Kelli, right?  If not, hop over there RIGHT NOW.  GO.  What are you waiting for?!

But now, let’s get down to our real business– a big, fat, sloppy pattern geek-out!  I didn’t even know this was coming, but I just happened to mosey over to Deer & Doe’s blog today and what did I see but NEW SPRING AND SUMMER PATTERNS!!!


Oh my gah, how cute is this?!  The Datura blouse, a swingy (but not TOO swingy) woven top with neckline cutouts and buttons in the back (but NOT at the top of the back so my hair won’t get caught on the buttons… GENIUS).  And the sample is made in a gorgeous mint green– I can’t even deal with this.  Folks.  There’s a Peter Pan collar option.  I’m in danger of raving.


Look at this!  The Reglisse dress, a summery little dress that I’m DYING to get my grubby mitts on!  I usually hate elastic waists (c’mon, I’m not a toddler, people!), but I love the neckline, sleeves, and easy fit so much that I just want this pattern so badly!  I wanna swan around in a little sailor dress all summer long!


Finally, the Chardon skirt!  I rarely wear skirts (it’s just too complicated to put together an outfit, as opposed to just pulling a dress over my head), so I’m not as tempted by this one, but I’m sure that this is making many other hearts go pitter-patter all across the blogosphere.  Plus there’s a cute ribbon bow at the back!  Sheesh, Eléonore, don’t you know I’m trying not to buy more patterns?!  Give a girl a break!

Man.  These are all just too amazing.  I have serious Paris envy, people (look it up, it’s a psychological disorder)!  Why am I all sweaty?

What about you guys?  What’s going on with you?  These patterns (or any other new ones) got you all hot ‘n’ bothered?  Do tell!

Pattern Geek-Out: Papercut Patterns!

I don’t know about you guys, but I could sure use some cheering up today!  I’m having a hard time conjuring up a good attitude about going back to work after a holiday weekend (not to mention dealing with the newly-chilly weather here in NYC after enjoying sunny Florida for Thanksgiving).  But, if there’s anything that can put a spring in my step, it’s new indie patterns, so it was great timing that these landed today!  Wanna look at some photos and feel better about life with me?

Midsummers’ Night Dream dress (includes tank variation)

Here we go!  This is Papercut Patterns‘ new spring/summer collection (ha!  Why do you mock me, o warm and beautiful southern hemisphere?  Seriously, you guys, I HATE winter and am NOT emotionally prepared for this weather), Covent Garden.  Isn’t it too beautiful?  How dreamy is that dress above?  The color is RAD, I tell you!

La Sylphide dress

I can imagine quite a few of you in the dress above!  How cute is it?!  The La Sylphide pattern also includes separate blouse and skirt variations, so that’s pretty fun.

Petrouchka top and Rite of Spring shorts

Guys.  Do you want to hear a deep, dark, disturbing confession?  (Of course you do– you’re sick in the head!)  This whole time you guys have been freaking out about peplums, I’ve been all, “WHATEVER”.  There.  I said it.  NOT INTO PEPLUMS.  But for some reason, I actually really like this little top!  It’s sort of casual and flirty at the same time and also, raglan sleeves, dudes!  My fave!  One last thing: how much do you want a pair of orange wedges now?!?!?!

Coppélia cardigan (and the Rite of Spring shorts, again)

Look at this adorable wrap cardigan!  I’m so tempted to make this cardigan and use By Hand London‘s too-f-ing-cute tutu tutorial so I can dash around the house pretending to be a beautiful ballerina and not at all trying to fulfill some sort of crazy childhood fantasy… what?

Oh yeah– I should probably mention that Katie is running a free shipping special until Dec. 16th, which definitely makes a purchase more tempting since New Zealand is FAR, FAR AWAY IN THE LAND OF SUNSHINE AND DREAMS.  Definitely go check out the rest of her collection– it’s always such a treat when new indie patterns pop up!

What do you think, guys?  Do you like these?  How would you wear these styles?  Lastly, what are your strategies for beating the back-to-work blues?  Putting up Christmas decorations, drinking hot chocolate, and watching Christmas Vacation lessened the sting of re-entry a bit last night, but I’d love to hear your tips!