Ginger Made: Vancouver Fog Scarf

Hi, friends!  Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!  I hope you have a moment today to reflect on Dr. King’s life and legacy… I’m so glad we have a day designated to do just that.  Sadly, I’m not just celebrating today– I headed back to work for the first time in over two weeks (I can’t complain… but I really want to).  So, to brighten up my day, I’ll share another me-made Christmas gift!

Here’s the backstory for this guy– I gave my mom a ball of yarn for Christmas (the insanely soft and lovely Madelinetosh Tosh Merino in Cove) with the idea that she could choose an accessory for me to make her.  She asked for a narrow scarf that she could wear inside and out, and liked the idea of cables.  So I decided to use the cable pattern from the Vancouver Fog Mitts on Ravelry (a free download, btw!) and sandwich it between garter edges to make a cute little scarf!

I cast on 20 stitches and knit 4 rows of garter stitch, then I knit a 3-stitch garter tab, worked the 14-stitch cable pattern, and knit another 3 stitches in garter.  I basically knit until I ran out of yarn, knit another 4 rows of garter, and cast off.  Easy as could be!  It was super satisfying to knit, because with only 20 stitches in a row, it seems to leap magically off your needles!

Look at her-- she can't hide her dark side! You know she'd cut a man for lookin' at her cross-eyed!

I blocked this the night before I had to drive back to NYC, so snapped these pics of my poor ma modelling it at 6:30am (hence the awesome purple bathrobe).  She wanted to model, though, and was a good sport about it.  I should have shot some closeups, but it was dark and we were running around packing the car like lunatics and just couldn’t spare the time.

What are you guys up to today/this week?  Anything fun on the horizon?  I finally got all my fabric prewashed, rolled, and organized– whew!  I feel SO MUCH BETTER!  I’ll share some photos with you guys when I finally get everything taken care of.

Ginger Made: Camp Out Mitts

Hi, guys!  I hope you’re well!  I’m really glad that you guys are interested in the stuff I’m giving away– I can’t wait to draw names!

OK, so I want to show you a couple of the Christmas gifts I made!  These are Camp Out Fingerless Mitts, and they’re super fun (and a free download, to boot!)!  I made this pair for my sister:

And this one for my brother’s girlfriend:

I used Noro Kureyon, and each pair takes just under one skein.  That makes for a pretty affordable gift!  This was the first time that I’ve used Noro, and I like the vibrant colors, although it’s a little stiffer and scratchier than the yarn I usually use.  It’s also a little uneven to knit with– it would suddenly get thicker or thinner, which was a little annoying.

These are really quick to knit– just a few hours for each mitt!  Construction is super simple– the top of the mitt is knit in garter stitch and seamed to form a tube (I used a provisional cast on so I could just use a three-needle bind-off to join the tube), then you pick up stitches for the stockinette lower portion.  Easy as pie! I used Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind-Off for the first time, and I really liked it!

Is all this knitting talk boring you guys??  What are you up to these days?  Working on anything fun this weekend?