Costume Party: The Artist

Hi, friends!  It’s Oscar Week– are you guys excited???  You may not know this about me, but I’m a bigtime movie fan (who isn’t, right?).  I moved to Hollywood at the tender age of 18 to study the movies, worked at a studio after graduating from college, and now I work in film & TV here in NYC, so I always get REALLY pumped up about the Oscars!  So, to celebrate, whaddaya say we ogle some costumes from the Academy Award-nominated film The Artist? *

Look at me, a simple girl in a gorgeous silk, two-piece dress, ready to conquer the world (or at least look adorable riding a streetcar)!

First, a quick plug.  Guys, if you love movies, if you love old Hollywood, if you love ’20’s fashion, and especially if you love adorable dogs, you will LOVE this movie!  I’ve already seen it twice and can’t wait to see it again!  OK, I’m done gushing… wait, maybe just for one minute more!  It’s just a really lovely film, and I strongly recommend it– it made me want to board the next flight back to LA!

This. Girl. Is. Literally. Too. Cute. This is the outfit she wears to play tennis in one of her movies-within-the-movie... I've never looked this good in my life, let alone after playing tennis!

Now, let’s talk costumes!  I’ve always been really drawn to the fashion of the 1920’s– it’s youthful and fresh, and somehow tomboyish and glamorous at the same time (all things I like to imagine that I am!  haha!).  Bérénice Bejo wears the most gorgeous ’20’s frocks in the movie, and I love the way her wardrobe changes with her as she transitions from a lovable girl-next-door to a Hollywood star.

Here's her costume as a background dancer... Look at that gorgeous dropped waist and beadwork!

A closer look at this costume. I like the illusion panel in the v-neck-- a great way to make a dramatic style a bit more modest!

Any favorites dresses from this movie?  How would you incorporate some of these design elements into your own makes?

This rounded, semi-scoop back is so flattering!

What are your favorite movies for costume inspiration?  I loved seeing this week’s challenge at Sew Weekly— hop on over there and check it out, if you haven’t already.  Lavender’s two-piece get-up inspired by The Graduate is one of my favorites this week… gotta love that leopard print!

* Obviously none of these images are my own– they’re all stills pulled from the movie’s website.