Ornament Exchange 2012: Peep My Tree, Y’all!

It’s been a hard week here in the States in the wake of the tragedy in Connecticut, and it didn’t feel quite right for me to be enjoying the Christmas season, drinking hot chocolate, and singing carols when so many families are experiencing a heartbreaking loss.  But I guess that’s what Christmas is here for, right?  An unexpected light in a time of darkness, a reason to temper grief with at least a little joy.  So the Christmas tree seems just a little more beautiful to me this year, even more so thanks to Kelli‘s holiday ornament exchange.  I’ll let the photos speak for themselves (click on the photo to be taken to the tutorial for each ornament).

So many fun packages! Man Friend was home when these arrived and texted me that I had “ten adorable little packages” waiting for me– so exciting!

Kelli’s adorable peacoat

Suzanne’s mouse king (and yes, I snagged the Gangnam-Style mouse king… be very jealous!)

Jen’s glamorous narwhal

Mika’s hand-beaded peace dove

Megan’s leather and felt acorn

Miranda’s paper reindeer (don’t laugh at my cereal-box-and-tinfoil tree-topper!)

Maddie’s yarn ball

Let’s pretend like there’s a gorgeous photo of Dixie’s starlight mint ornament (which definitely isn’t missing because it was way out of focus and I’m already out of town… that would NEVER happen).

The tree! Unfortunately it’s blocking our makeshift closet and the entrance to the apartment, buuuuuuut… it’s totally worth it. Yay NYC living!

I look forward to treasuring these ornaments for years to come.  Thanks again, Kelli, for your beautiful idea!

Bonus photos:

A treasured ornament that I made ten years ago or so with my beloved aunt

These ornaments inspired Man Friend to bring me one, too! Rawr!