Back To School (well, sorta…)!!

Guys, I’m so excited!  I’m signed up for Gertie’s Sewing Plus class at The Sewing Studio and I can’t wait!  It’s a four-week class for intermediate sewers, and you get to choose what project you want to work on.  Now, I’m not really an intermediate sewer, but I’m hoping to pick up some skills that will bump me up to the next level (and maybe a little closer to that designation).  Here’s the tricky part– choosing my project!!

Here’s a short list of skills I’d like to acquire:

— lining/underlining

— buttonholes (bound or plain)

— working with vintage patterns

— more advanced grading


— boning

And here are a few candidates for my project:

McCall's 5995... almost too cute for words!!

First up, the super adorable vintage McCall’s 5995!  It’s a fitted, sleeveless dress with a three-gored skirt (with optional lining, which I would add).  My pattern is a bit too small for me, so I would need to do some grading to get it to fit properly.

Advance 8295

Another option is vintage Advance 8295.  This is a sleeveless sundress with shoulder ties and buttons down the left side.  It has a box-pleated skirt and a gathered bodice.  This is really cute, but it doesn’t offer as many opportunities for learning, so I’m less inclined to make this one as my class project.

The Eclair by Colette Patterns... yum!

I’m also considering the Eclair dress by Colette Patterns.  I don’t wear many strapless dresses, and honestly, it’s a little fancier and more cupcake-y than what I usually wear, but I like the fact that I would be able to practice lining and boning (holy cow, I really don’t want to think about how many people must stumble onto sewing blogs when they’re looking for… something else) under the supervision of an experienced seamstress.  And it might be fun to look like a fluffy, sugary treat for a change (instead of my normal wardrobe that usually leaves me looking like I play for the Bad News Bears)!

Any other ideas?  The first two are patterns that I have in my stash, but I’m definitely open to suggestion!  What do you think?  My first class isn’t until July 24th, so I have a little time to agonize decide!