Finish It February!

Hello, friends! Hope you are all well! I’ve been struggling lately with a surplus of unfinished projects. My sewing room is super unorganized right now, mainly because I have nowhere to put my works-in-progress. I’m not enjoying spending time there, because it’s a disaster, but I can’t mitigate the disaster because I’m not sewing! So the other day when I stumbled across the hashtag #finishitfebruary on Instagram, I was motivated to spend this month getting through some of the UFOs that are plaguing me!


I’m the ghost of quilts past (and long abandoned)!

I’m certain I won’t get through all of these things, but here’s what I have going on right now:

  • a simple quilt, in the Fantasia line by Sara Lawson (needs backing fabric… and has for, oh, 6 months?)
  • a Kittens quilt (I’m swapping blocks with partners, and for the first time in my life, I’ve worked ahead of the group so it’s hibernating for a while. THIS HAS LITERALLY NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE… I’m always late to every party!)
  • a Cascade duffle coat (got put on hold when I realized I didn’t have interfacing. I love Fashion Sewing Supply and their interfacing but their orders aren’t cut or processed quickly at all in my experience, so if you don’t plan ahead you’re stuck waiting).
  • a robe Madeleine (my wearable muslin is in time out because the cheap, crappy fabric I used frayed like crazy, like, disintegrating while I tried to gather the skirt… so I may be chucking this).
  • a dress for my mom using French terry from my shop
  • a costume for a friend (more on this later)
  • a Cascades sweater for me (managed to weave in the ends yesterday so it’s blocking and just needs the neckband picked up after that)
  • a Bradbury sweater for Blake (needs to be seamed… which I’m super dreading because when I attempted it twice before, it looked terrible. I just don’t know what I’m doing when it comes to seaming!)
  • a Fidra hat for me… I loved the one I made for my mom so much that I decided to make one for myself
  • a pair of socks for Blake in super cool faux fair isle Regia
  • a repair to Blake’s buttondown
  • an alteration to a Mandy Boat Tee for my mother-in-law (I used this beautiful raspberry sweater knit from O! Jolly!, and when I looked up the link, I noticed that it’s on sale right now!)
  • my chair upholstery project (needs basically everything done to it)
  • a bench upholstery project for a friend (needs everything done to it)

Sheesh! We’re not even going to talk about the bag of realllllly old UFOs that I’m scared to look at. At least I managed to get a pair of socks for my sister on the sock blockers last night, so they’re drying now, and I finished up my Diode hat yesterday, so I’m making small amounts of progress, but I need to keep cranking away! And, now that I’ve got these written down, I’ll be shamed forever if I fail to get ANY progress done!

How about your guys? Overwhelmed by UFOs? Are you inspired to pick up any long-abandoned projects? Who wants to join me in finishing up some stuff in February?