Ginger Made: M6553, V. 2!

M6553- Ginger Makes

Hi, guys! Hope you’re all well! I often plan to make multiple versions of patterns that I like, but I rarely get around to it- too many shiny new patterns to distract me from my plans! But I so love my first version of M6553 that as soon as a glimpse of spring appeared here in New York, I got to work on a second version!

M6553 | Ginger Makes

I used a Marc Jacobs silk/cotton twill for this dress- fancy, huh? Meredith spotted it on sale at Fashion Fabrics Club for $4/yd, labeled as rayon challis, but her eagle eyes recognized the fabric and knew she’d seen it used for Marc Jacobs pieces!  I’d planned to make this pattern in this fabric last summer, but realized that the back skirt piece, cut on the fold, wouldn’t fit on the 42″ selvedge. I wadded the fabric up and shoved it back in my drawer in a fit of rage, where it sat and sat and sat. I just couldn’t envision it as anything other than this dress! I pulled it out again last week and decided to just cut it out on the cross-grain. Victimless crime, right?  Cutting it on the cross-grain used up three yards, so this dress only cost me $12! Score!

M6553 | Ginger Makes

I cut a size 6 again, which fits just fine since there’s so much ease.  This time around I omitted both the self-belt and the pockets, so I was able to French seam it. It’s so nice and clean on the inside! The only problem is that, being a silk twill, it frays like the dickens, so even though I trimmed the seams right before sewing them the second time, I still have little bits of fraying edges poking out from the French seams. So annoying! I suppose I could re-sew the seams at a slightly larger seam allowance, but I just can’t be bothered at the moment.  The back yoke closes with a button and thread loop, which isn’t my favorite, but I covered a button, so at least it looks nice. I made no attempt at all to try to match up the print- just didn’t feel like it.

M6553 | Ginger Makes

I know this dress isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I really like it.  The print is very ’90’s and evokes weird, fuzzy memories of my childhood (maybe because it looks like it belongs on a Trapper-Keeper?).  Man Friend, of course, hates it (“Can I get one of those boxes you use to look at eclipses before you put this on?”).  But it’s just so happy and bright, especially paired with this swingy silhouette. Now I just need the weather to warm up enough that I can run around town in this dress!

M6553 | Ginger Makes

Have you been up to any happy sewing lately? What’s on your sewing table right now?

Can you tell I live in a Greek & Cypriot neighborhood? Anybody hungry for some halloumi?

Ginger Made: M6553

Oh, hey!  I didn’t see you there… I was too busy strutting around in my NEW DRESS!

I’m kind of in love with this dress, but I’m not really sure why.  It departs from my usual style quite a bit– I never wear anything this loose since I’m pretty rectangular, but while it may not be flattering, exactly, I love the comfort and the unusual silhouette.  It feels so trendy and fun!  And while shaped hemlines will probably be out of style next season, I can just trim it even and hopefully get some more wear out of it.

It’s McCall’s M6553, made in a size 6.  There is TONS of ease included in the pattern, so I didn’t bother making my standard size (the smallest has a 43″ bust!).  I’m happy with the fit, and I made no adjustments to the pattern.  The pattern was super easy and came together quickly, so that was pleasant.  I really felt like I was taking a risk with this one– I felt like there was a 50/50 chance of this being an epic fail.  Oh, and I didn’t make a muslin.  GO AHEAD AND SUE ME.  I’m a loner, Dottie.  A rebel!

I used a lovely linen from Mood.  I know it’s a bit late in the season to make a linen dress, but I couldn’t resist making one last summery dress before fall sets in.   The color is so perfect, though… how could I say no?!  I’ve never worked with linen before, so I was excited to try it out, and it’s really great!  I was worried about it fraying or wrinkling like crazy, but it was honestly a dream to work with!  I really recommend linen for this pattern– it’s drapey, breezy, and lightweight, but not slippery or transparent.

The belt is designed to loop the front of the dress only, leaving the back loose.  However, I don’t really like to wear it like this as the weight of the belt tugs at the belt holes in the side of the dress, so you can see bare skin!  Eww!  I kind of prefer it unbelted– it feels free ‘n’ easy, and it’s super no-fuss.  But Man Friend thinks that it looks like a muumuu, and he really likes it belted.  Of course, like the Contrary Mary I am, I’m not crazy about wearing it belted– it feels like there’s too much bulk strapped around my waist, sort of like fabric saddlebags!  What do you guys think?  Would you belt it or not?

I really like this pattern, and I’m thinking about making it again (even though it’s sort of a distinct style and not one I really need multiples of).  But if I made it again, I would probably shorten the belt a little and attach it at the side seams, so I can tie it at the front or the back and not have to worry about exposing too much skin where the belt feeds through the dress.

What do you think of this style?  Would you wear a dress like this?  Have you made anything lately that’s a departure from your usual style?  Are you contemplating any fashion risks?  I wanna hear from you guys!

Mr. Photographer, stop making me laugh!