Awards ‘n’ Stuff!

Helllllooooooo!  Let’s start with the good news: I’m diving headfirst into my 2013 goals and sewing a jacket!  Bad news: it’s going to take me FOREVER.  Who knew how involved tailoring is?  I mean, probably all of you guys, but, really, I’m a little stressed out by how much time it’s taken me just in the muslin phase!  So that’s what will be occupying my time for the next little while, especially since work is nuts right now (and will be until my show ends in mid-March).

In other news, I’ve been a naughty blogger and haven’t posted about a few awards that y’all have graciously given me!  It’s not that I’m not grateful, but every time I sit down and try to think of other bloggers to give the award to, I want to give it to everyone and it’s super overwhelming!  But I’m going to take a stab at it!

First up, I received the Very Inspiring Blogger/One Lovely Blog award from the super cool Alexandra (and the Cuckoo Clock) and Anne of Mercury Handmade!  I love to read Alexandra’s blog, and not just because she’s done everything that I wish I had (surfing! kickboxing! living in Paris!!).  And Anne is an incredibly skilled seamstress– just look at all her makes!  Plus, she’s an awesome, unselfish mom who makes gorgeous clothes for her daughters!  What a saint!

Thanks, Alexandra!

Now, I’m super bad because I was nominated for the Premio Award by Sew Busy Lizzy, Vicki Kate Makes, AND Juliet of The Crazy Gypsy Chronicles!  The Premio Award is especially fun because it recognizes people who comment on other blogs, and we all know I LOVE to comment on your blogs!

I’m supposed to nominate the last nine people who commented on my blog for the Premio Award, but I’m cheating a little bit and nominating nine new or recent commenters on my blog so you guys might be able to find some fun new blogs.  Here they are:

Hope you enjoy checking our their blogs!  Also, I’m SUPER cheating and nominating these bloggers for the Very Inspiring Blogger/One Lovely Blog award.  AND, I’m NOT writing seven facts about myself because, PLEASE, it’s not like I hide anything from you guys.  And rules are for SUCKERS.

One last bit of news– as of this morning, I’m an auntie for this first time!  So you may be seeing tiny things for a chubby baby boy popping up on this here blog!  Yay!