Meetup Mania 2.0: I Double Dog Dare Ya

So you’ve all seen this #sewingdares nonsense swooping around the internets, yes?  Blame Gillian— it’s alllllll her fault.  Well, in my hubris, I dared Oona to finally sew a shirt for Ruggy, which naturally led to me accepting a dare from her.  THIS MADWOMAN DARED ME TO LET HER CHOOSE THE FABRIC FOR MY NEXT MOOD SEWING NETWORK PROJECT.  Obviously, I don’t back down from a dare, so we set a date and headed to Mood this weekend to decide my fate.  But shopping is WAY more fun in a group, so the ridiculously cool Suzanne, Wanett, and Peter joined in on the madness.

Suzanne, moi, Wanett, Peter, and Oona yukking it up (photo by… someone else who knows how to use the self-timer on their camera)

As you can see, we had a great time!

Does Wanett not OWN the color yellow??

We tore through the store laughing, shrieking, and petting bolt after bolt of fabric.  I think we terrified all the poor Mood employees!  (Thanks for all your help, Kendrell and Eric!)

No, girl, YOU totally look prettier!

Oh, and we took LOTS of pictures.  After much deliberation, a fabric selection was made (and I’m only a little terrified).  I’ll reveal the project next month– hold your breath and WAIT ANXIOUSLY.

Peter’s a summer, def.

After Mood, we popped a squat, had a bite to eat, and chatted for AGES.  Friends, I don’t want to make you even more jealous, but these folks are smart, cool, interesting, and FUNNY.  I’m so grateful to have met such a great group of peeps.

To summarize: A) it was the best day EVER.  B) I’m a little scared to make the Oona Dress of Doom And/Or Destiny.  PRAY FOR ME.  C) If you’re ever in NYC, for the love of all that’s holy, schedule a meetup, dood!

Meetup Mania!

Boy, oh, boy– what a fun meetup we had yesterday in the Garment District!    I wish all of you could’ve been there (think how fun it would be to descend en masse on poor, unsuspecting 39th St., snatching bolts of fabric and haggling until the shopkeepers collapse from the onslaught of hundreds of passionate sewists!)!

Kerry and Liz searching for the perfect print (note Kerry’s Picnic Blanket Skirt and Liz’s Hazel dress!).

Our guests of honor were Kerry and Liz, both of whom were serendipitously visiting the city from afar on the same weekend (so exciting!).  Kelli also receives a special mention– she moved to NYC earlier this month, and this was her first trip to the Garment District (welcome!)!  Also in attendance were New Yorkers and Garment District Pros Janice, Cindy, Marina, and Mika— what a fab group!

Janice brainstorming uses for this amazing border print!

We started at Paron, where we poked, prodded, and pulled out just about every bolt in the house, then we moved across the street to Gray Line Linen, a new-to-me and lovely store with gorgeous linen and reasonable prices (thanks for the suggestion, Cindy!).  After raiding Chic Fabrics, we stopped for lunch at Lazzara’s (recommended by Shop the Garment District), and after a few slices, we were recharged and ready for Mood!  We stayed at Mood until closing time, then paused to caffeinate and show off our purchases.

Kelli and Kerry are excited for pizza time!

All in all, we spent around 6 hours together, and the time passed so quickly!  It was so fun to meet everyone, especially since I’ve been reading these ladies’ blogs for quite a while!  Each gal was so fun, interesting, and easy to talk to.  It was just so fun to meet people in real life, and to geek out over fabric with fellow enthusiasts.  🙂  I can’t wait to see what you guys make with the fabric you picked up this weekend!

Mika shows off her fabric… won’t this make a super cute bow blouse?  And look, it’s a Chantilly dress!

What about you, readers?  Any fun meetups happen lately (or do you have any on the horizon?)?  Any exciting fabric purchases or new sewing plans?

Let’s Meet Up!

Hi, guys!  I hope you’re all well!  It’s been a while since I’ve posted!  Work has been bananas the last few weeks, so I haven’t had much time to sew and blog.  But I’ve enjoyed catching up with your recent posts this weekend– so many fun makes this week!

You know what they say about all work and no play, right?  Luckily, this coming weekend there’s a great opportunity to play and raid the Garment District with some super fun people (if you read this post, you know who one of our awesome attendees will be)!  So, if you’re in the NYC area, why don’t you join us this Saturday for a little Garment District meetup?


Saturday, August 25th

11am (ish)

Let’s meet up in front of Paron’s (257 W. 39th St.).  Drop me a quick line if you plan to join us, and I’ll send you my number so you can catch up with us throughout the day.  Yay!