Rigel Bomber January: Your Bombers!!!

Hi, guys!!!!! I’m sorry to bring you sad news, but Rigel Bomber January is over! It’s OK to cry… just let out all the bad feelings. The good news is that I think a roundup of some of the amazing bomber jackets you guys sewed will lift your spirits! What say you? Stay tuned until the end… I’ll reveal my favorite bomber, the winner of a Papercut Pattern of her choice!

OK, so I’m only featuring 1/3 of the finished jackets here… to see the rest, check out Kat‘s post and Mel’s post! Also, there are lots more cool bombers on Instagram… just search for the tag #rigelbomberjanuary and you’ll see them (I just couldn’t find a way to pull photos from IG that wasn’t super time-intensive… sorry!)!

First up, here’s Sally‘s adorable polka dot bomber:

Here’s Carlalissa’s (with a bonus doggie photobomb)!

Check out Amiria’s!

Rose Cherry made a super cute bomber inspired by Shanni’s:

Becky Jo made a beautiful version:

Here’s Eirenep’s lovely floral version:

Now, I want to show you Kat‘s version! She’s managed to fit snails, pea pods, AND leopard print in hers!

Now, here’s my favorite jacket… but guys, I had a really, REALLY hard time choosing just one! I loved seeing all your bombers and really could have picked every single one of them. But, I finally had to just choose one, so, it’s…

Oh, She Dabbles! I really like the mix of fabrics she chose!

Super cool! Girl, I’ll be in touch to hook you up with your free pattern!

Alright, that about wraps it up! Thanks so much for playing along! January was much more fun and bright this year! Now, tell me, which is your favorite jacket? And what’s on your sewing machine right now? Oh, and don’t forget to check out Kat and Mel‘s blogs to see the rest of the bombers!

Ginger Made: Rigel Bomber Jacket!

Woohoo! My bomber jacket is done! I’ve had so much fun making this alongside everyone taking part in Rigel Bomber January! In case you haven’t been following these posts, Kat, Mel, and I are making the Papercut Patterns Rigel Bomber Jacket during the month of January with anyone else who wanted to join in on the fun! It’s a little “sew-together”! I’ve had this pattern since it came out, so it was nice to have some companions (and a deadline!) to give me the nudge I needed to finally make it! Papercut Patterns Rigel Bomber Jacket | Ginger Makes So, here it is! Papercut Patterns Rigel Bomber Jacket | Ginger Makes I’d originally planned to look for something black with gold sparkles or glitter, but this wool herringbone caught my eye at Mood and I had to have it! It was the end of the bolt and there was just enough for the jacket… must have been fate! 🙂 I matched it to this burgundy ribbing, also from Mood. They’ve recently started to carry this ribbing in quite a few colors, in pre-cut pieces that are 38″ x 7″ ($9.95 ea). I just barely squeezed all the pattern pieces onto two pieces of ribbing. This is a heavier ribbing, like you would see in a sporty jacket, not a sweatshirt or tee, in case you’re curious. These colors are totally different than ones I usually wear, but they’re really pretty and have a sort of autumnal, collegiate feel. Papercut Patterns Rigel Bomber Jacket | Ginger Makes The zipper is a metal YKK from SIL Thread, my favorite place to shop for zippers. It’s $5 for a 22″ separating zipper, and they shorten them to custom lengths for an additional $1, not bad! I think my zipper may have been shortened a tiny bit too much- we had some confusion over converting the listed metric length to imperial measurements- so it doesn’t come up quite as far as I would like it to, but, whatevs. It happens! Since my fashion fabric is pretty lightweight, like suiting, I interfaced the center fronts before installing the zipper to prevent any waviness. Papercut Patterns Rigel Bomber Jacket | Ginger Makes This pattern is actually really quick and easy to sew! The welt pockets take some time to mark and sew, but that’s the hardest part and it’s over at the very beginning, so the rest of the project is a snap after that! Raglan sleeves are just so quick and easy… I definitely prefer sewing them over set-in sleeves! Speaking of sleeves, I lengthened them by 2″- I probably didn’t need to add so much length, but I like my sleeves on the long side. That’s the only alteration I made- it’s otherwise a straight XS. Papercut Patterns Rigel Bomber Jacket | Ginger Makes OK, let’s talk about the lining! I agonized over whether or not I should use this lining or not for a very long time. You see, the floral print is Liberty silk twill (!), a gift from the lovely and oh-so-sweet Dibs. She sent me a meter a few years ago and I’ve been too scared to cut into it because it’s just so nice! I really hesitated before using it because I wanted to make something special, but the print goes so nicely with the herringbone and I knew that I would be happy looking at it every time I wore this jacket, so I decided to go for it. Thank you, Dibs! I didn’t have quite enough for the entire lining, so I cut the sleeves from some poly charmeuse I had leftover from my final patternmaking project (my classmate worked in the cutting room for Vera Wang and brought yardage for everyone in the class to use… so kind!). I really like the way the two fabrics work together, and I’m happy I was able to use some fun stuff from the stash. 🙂 As I was putting the finishing touches on the jacket, I realized that it would be really easy to make one that’s reversible! I’ll have to try that sometime… wouldn’t that be fun? I wonder if anyone else has tried that! Alright, I think that’s all! Any other construction techniques or tips I used are detailed in the RBJ posts I’ve put up this month, so if you want more info on how I lined it or anything like that you can look there! Keep posting your finished bombers in the Flickr group or on Instagram, using the hashtag #rigelbomberjanuary. Reminder: Kat, Mel, and I will each pick a favorite jacket and the three makers will each get a free pattern courtesy of Katie from Papercut! Yay! Thanks so much for sewing alongside me! It’s been so much fun!!! Papercut Patterns Rigel Bomber Jacket | Ginger Makes

Rigel Bomber January: Tips & Tutorials!

Hi, guys! I’m sure you’re all busy as bees, sewing up a storm! I’m really enjoying Rigel Bomber Jacket January so far- there are already so many cute jackets popping up on Flickr and Instagram! Can’t wait to see what else you guys make! Yay! So today I have collected a few of the helpful tutorials I’ve seen around as well as a few tips of my own that helped me get good results when sewing the bomber. Forgive me if this post is kinda scattered… it was hard to organize a lot of information in a clear and concise way!

Before I forget, if you can, please upload your photos to the Flickr group. If you don’t have an account, you can totally share your photos on Instagram using #rigelbomberjanuary. It’s just nice to be able to look at bigger pics, so that’s why we like Flickr! 🙂

Katy & Laney’s Rigel… how’s that for inspiration?!

OK, here are some tutorials that recently popped up online that might help you out!

Katie quilting her Rigel

Hopefully these are helpful to you! But let’s say that you, like me, are a little bit lazy and the thought of drafting new lining pieces is making you drag your feet a little. Don’t drag your feet… quick-line your bomber, dude!

How to Quick-Line the Rigel Bomber:

Cut your fronts and sleeves using the original pattern pieces. Cut your lining back, using the original pattern piece, but slide the pattern piece over from the fold to give yourself some ease to create a pleat. I cut mine 2″ from the fold for a total of 4″ of ease. Then, clip a notch right next to the pattern piece at the top and the bottom (so you know where to stitch your pleat!).

Measure where you want your pleat to end and mark it with chalk. At the bottom I marked a line 2″ up, and on the top, about 3.5″ down (your pleat just needs to be long enough that the facing can fit on top of it). Now, stitch from the notch to the chalk mark and press it to one side. Easy!

Assemble your lining just like your shell: stitch sleeve fronts to front, and sleeve backs to back, then stitch the side seams from hem to sleeve hem. Stitch your facing seam and press it open. Next, stitch a line along the outside of the facing (not the neck edge) from end to end with a 1cm seam allowance. Press the seam allowance under along the stitched line.

Now, lay your facing on top of your lining with right sides up on BOTH pieces (not right sides together!). Baste together along the neck edge.

Edgstitch the facing down on top of the lining to keep it in place, leaving about 2″ unstitched right above the lining hem line. That’s it!

How to Bag Your Lining:

If the concept of bagging your lining is confusing or new to you, check out Jen’s amazing tutorial here. The idea is to sew the whole thing right sides together, and then make an opening in the lining to pull the jacket out. It might not make sense at first to do this, but it’s really pretty easy. To start, have your lining/facing unit sewed and the zipper and ribbing in your jacket, but don’t topstitch the hem ribbing.

  1. Pin and stitch the facing to the jacket (right sides together) along the neck edge from hem to hem. I used my zipper foot to stitch close to the zipper teeth on the jacket front. Understitch the seam allowance to the facing, leaving a few cms free at the very edge.
  2. Next, match the lining hem to the ribbing seam allowance and stitch it together. You’ll want to position and sew it the same way that you sewed your jacket to the ribbing (with it extending 2cm past the corner).
  3. Stitch the jacket front to the facing at the bottom of the little rectangle (next to the ribbing).
  4. Stitch the sleeve linings to the seam allowance of the cuffs.
  5. Open up one sleeve seam to turn the jacket right side out, and close it up when you’re done! You’ll also need to slip stitch the 2″ or so where you didn’t edgestitch the facing to the lining. Now you can topstitch the little bit where the facing meets the ribbing, too, or you can slip stitch it closed. Whatevs!

From the Flickr group, here’s Rose’s Liberty bomber! Whoa!

Applying the Neck Ribbing:

I’ve noticed in a few of the Rigels I’ve seen online that the ribbing sometimes stands away from the wearer’s neck. This could be because the amount of stretch varies in different fabrics, but one thing that helped me get good results was to apply the ribbing without stretching it (at a 1:1 ratio to the fashion fabric) on the jacket fronts, and then to only stretch it on the back neckline. That should help it to hug your neck (as would shortening it).

Sewing the Zipper:

OK, I know some people aren’t going to like this advice, but in a garment like this where you want your zipper to be really even, it can really help to hand baste your zipper. Pins shift, scotch tape isn’t always strong enough to do the trick, and the whole zipper can get scooched down and out of place no matter how careful you are! I just remind myself that, yeah, hand basting is a little slow, but seam ripping is way, WAY slower. 🙂 I baste one side in place, pin the other to check that both sides are properly aligned, and then baste the second side. Easy! Also, interfacing the zipper edge is probably a good idea unless your fabric is super stable. 🙂

Alright, hope this was helpful and not too confusing! How are your bombers going? Any helpful tips or tricks?

Rigel Bomber January: Cut It Out!

Hey, dudes! Are you excited to cut out your Rigel? Yay! OK, I’m not going to post every step of the way or anything, but I wanted to share a few tips I’ve collected over the years to help make this process easier. These are really basic, so are probably obvious to a lot of people, but I thought they might be helpful for newer stitchers. 🙂

First things first, if you don’t know what size to cut (or even if you think you do!), I totally recommend measuring your pattern pieces. I picked up this tip on another blog about a year ago (wish I could remember which one!) and it’s really helped me. Some pattern companies give you lots of finished measurements, but if not, it’s worth it to do a quick check of things like sleeve length to make sure you’ll be happy with the size you’ve chosen. Even if you plan to make a muslin, you’re saving yourself future work by being able to make some basic adjustments before you even cut things out! Now, what I usually do is compare the finished measurements to a similar garment in my closet (in this case, a jacket with a relaxed fit) to make sure they’re in the right ballpark. Just don’t forget to subtract seam allowances from your measurements and to account for things like cuffs and ribbing.

Now, with the Rigel, I’m not going to make a muslin. I don’t want to use ribbing in my muslin, and I probably won’t get very good information about the final fit without the ribbing, so I’m going to skip that step. A jacket with a raglan sleeve is easy to take in, and since we’re finishing the neckline with ribbing, it won’t be a big deal if you need to add a small dart at the back neckline or anything like that. So I’ll just baste together the side/sleeve seam and make sure I’m happy before stitching it.

I’ve heard from a few taller bloggers that the Rigel’s sleeves run short. Since I like my sleeves on the long side, I decided to add 2″ to them. If that ends up being too much, I’ll just shorten the cuff for a super easy fix.

Another thing- I will be basting in my ribbing on the neckline, too. Since different kinds of ribbing can have really different levels of stretch and recovery, it’s not a bad idea to make sure that you like the way yours looks before committing to it. If it needs to be stretched tighter, it will be easy to remove the basting and shorten the ribbing before reapplying it.

If you need to shorten your ribbing, all you need to do is shift the pattern piece over by HALF of the total amount (since you’re cutting on the fold), and cut off the excess. So if you want it 2″ shorter, you just move the pattern piece over by 1″. Easy!

Hopefully this will save you some time and effort! Anyone else have any favorite tips or tricks that they’d like to share?

Rigel Bomber January: Inspiration!

Y’all ready for this? ‘Cause the holidays are over, January’s here, and it’s time to sew some Rigel bomber jackets! I thought it would be fun to kick off our “sew-together” with an inspiration post! Mel posted some fabulous RTW inspiration already- have you seen her post? I wanted to show you guys some fun versions of the pattern that have already been sewn up… I’m filled with serious bomber envy just looking at these! [Note: obviously none of these photos are my own, and they’re all used with the permission of the owners. Also, when you click on each photo, you’ll be taken to the original blog post about the bomber!]

Florals are a popular choice! Check out Hanne‘s beautiful red floral Rigel:

And here’s Sally‘s fun floral:

Here’s Amanda‘s pretty floral:

And Elizabeth‘s:

Here’s Debbie‘s:

Here’s Julie‘s:

Check out Novita‘s- she made a removable fleece lining for extra warmth! It buttons in… clever!

Florals not your style? How about tiny pineapples?! Look at this fun jacket, made by Elizabeth!

Or polka dots? Check out Lucinda‘s!

I kinda can’t deal with how much I love Clare‘s:

What about a cozy version in sweatshirt fleece, like Sophie-Lee‘s? I’ll take one, please!

Esther used a knit and some stretch lace- how pretty is this?!

Look at Kim‘s faux suede! Awesome!

While we’re already visiting Kim, check out her sparkly metallic version:

What about a classic black version, like Emmie‘s?

Here’s another one from Julie:

Look at this version, from The Pretty Pickle!

Christy made a sporty version out of sparkly ponte. Fun!

This version from The New Craft Society, in quilted Liberty lawn, is fantastic!

Last but not least, I’m OBSESSED with this gorgeous Rigel from Katy & Laney in a vibrant Vlisco print:

Whaddaya think? Inspired yet??? I sure hope so!

OK, just as a reminder, we’ll be sewing together throughout the month of January. You can add your photos to our Flickr group, and our hashtag for Instagram or Twitter is #rigelbomberjanuary. You can grab a copy of the pattern here if you haven’t already. Alright… now… ready, set, Rigel!

Introducing… Rigel Bomber Jacket January!

Hi, guys! Hope you’re all well! I’m really excited to announce a fun new sorta-sewalong, Rigel Bomber Jacket January! The backstory: During #bpsewvember, I posted a photo of my Papercut Patterns Rigel Bomber pattern and mentioned that I really need to make the time to sew it. Kat and Mel chimed in that they also want to make it, and thought we should organize to sew it together in January- fantastic idea! There were quite a few others interested in making this (Katie, Heather, Erika, Georgina, Oh, She Dabbles), and I’m hoping lots of you will want to join in, too! I know not everyone loves sewalongs, but I really like the opportunity to sew alongside other people and see how you guys make a pattern your own. Plus, it seems like it’s a pattern that quite a few of us already have, but need a little extra motivation to work through! And who doesn’t want to see a whole flock of babes outfitted in bomber jackets???? OK, let’s talk details! We’re going to sew throughout January and reveal our finished jackets at the end of the month. That gives you a few weeks to gather your materials and order the pattern, if you don’t already have it. Luckily, Papercut just released a PDF version of this pattern for those of you who don’t want to wait for a hard copy (plus it’s a bit cheaper, at around 15USD). Sweet! We aren’t planning to do a full, step-by-step sewalong, but Kat, Mel, and I will share inspiration and helpful tips. You can join our Flickr group to share images of your jackets, and we can share in-progress shots and chatter on IG and Twitter using #rigelbomberjanuary.  Keep a lookout for more details in early January! What a way to beat the post-holiday blues, right? But wait, there’s more! Katie from Papercut has generously offered prizes, hooray! Kat, Mel, and I will each choose a favorite Rigel and each “winner” will receive a free Papercut pattern! But really, we’ll all be winners cause we’ll all have sweeeeeeeeeet jackets!

Guys, I’m so excited about this! OK, so, snag a pattern, get your supplies together, grab a badge (designed by the super talented Mel!), and start planning your dream jacket! Rigel Jacket January Here’s the code for your sidebar: <a href=”https://gingermakes.com/tag/rigel-bomber-january/”><img alt=”Rigel Bomber Jacket January” height=”250″ src=”https://gingermakespremium.files.wordpress.com/2014/12/rigel-jacket-january.jpg&#8221; title=”Introducing… Rigel Bomber Jacket January!” width=”250″ /></a>

What do you think? Are you in? What fabric are you considering?